At OPSports, we strive to give you customizable, premium leather gloves at a price you can afford. Take pride in your glove this season by customizing your glove down to the very last detail to ensure that is crafted exactly right for you. Once you have contacted us and received your mock up, confirm your custom order here!

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Players should take a good look at what size glove they choose depending on their position and their preferences. While some infielders prefer an 11.25" for its shallow pocket allowing for the quickest transfers, the baseline for middle infielders is 11.5". The 11.5" still has the capability for quick transfers and has ample room in the pocket for fielding ground balls and snagging line drives. The 11.5" size also gives players the ability to use it at 3rd base, although most 3rd basemen prefer a larger glove.The most common size for 3rd basemen is 11.75", created with extra reach for infielders at the hot corner who typically have more time to make transfers than middle infielders.

MLB Players Preferences:
- 11.25" (Gleyber Torres, Elvis Andrus, Trevor Story)
- 11.5" (Andelton Simmons, Jose Altuve, Didi Gregorius)
- 11.75" (Brandon Crawford, Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson)
At OPSports we offer players the choice between Premium Japanese kip leather & Top-grain cowhide leather. At the base, the differences in the types of leather are due to the differences in the age of the cow in which the leather comes from. Premium kip leather comes from a cow under the age of 3, while the top-grain cowhide leather comes from a cow that is 3+ years of age. Kip leather is a more luxurious leather known for its buttery smooth feel that is typically a little bit lighter and quicker to break in. Top-grain cowhide leather will be a slightly heavier and thicker leather that takes a little bit longer to break in. All of our leather is of premium quality, built to last through thousands of repetitions so the differences in the leather come down to the preference of the player.
As a newer glove company, our mission is to provide the best quality glove at a price that is reasonable for players around the world. Each glove from OPSports is made with 100% Premium leather and is offered with a plethora of customizable options. In order to cut costs, many major glove brands only offer 10-20% real leather while our gloves are crafted with 100% real leather. Aiming to establish the OPSports brand, we are dedicated to providing the perfect glove for each individual player, down to the very last detail. As an added bonus, our gloves are typically produced and delivered within 4 weeks from the date of your order, eclipsing the 6-8 weeks from other companies.

Quality, customizable. affordable gloves, delivered to your door quickly. That is OPSports promise to you.